In order to expedite the collection of written off accounts of our clients, we have an extrajudicial payment recovery department. Their policy is based on the immediate attention of the matter taking the debtor to the payment or restructuring of his debt in order to restore patrimonial grief as soon as possible

Our payment recovery department has specific software designed for the efficient procedure of our clients non performing loans.

There are certain matters that require immediate legal action because the debtor is either not responding to a possible arrangement or because the situation on credit condition demanded other actions. In this case, we deliver a fast response, as well as all the simultaneous necessary actions in order to collect the credit.

  • From 1997 through to 2003 we where part of the auxiliary experts list of the Distrito Federal Civil Courts.
  • In the mortgage divisions of Banca Confia and Banco Ve Por Mas, we have conducted technical studies and mortgage credit supervisions.



Our firm deals with a wide variety of civil matters related to property real estate, leasing contracts, tenant responsibilities, tenant contract responsibility, duration and ending of contracts.

In mercantile matters, we carry out legal proceedings in order to comply with the terms of contract duration in which we can include Corporative Litigation such as: conflicts between shareholders, responsibility on company administration, bankruptcy, suspension of payments and in general legal actions regarding business and mercantile societies.

We have a wealth of legal experience in these areas, so we can represent our defendants or plaintiffs clients in trials such as:

  • Ordinary mercantile or civil trials
  • Executive mercantile trials
  • Special mortgage trials
  • Real Estate leasing trials
  • Family matters
  • Defence and protection (Habeas Corpus)


The complex social and economical situation that currently affects our country is affecting the world of business, increasing acts of crime against individuals, companies and societies. Because of this Grupo Coinesa has consolidated a strong group of lawyers specialized in penal law ready to represent the victims during the previous investigations before the judicial authorities and during process with the judge. 

However we know that not all the persons accused of transgressions or crimes are guilty. In this case we offer quality penal defence. 



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